SANS Securing the Human


According to the 20 Critical Security Controls, NIST Standards and other security guidelines, training is imperative to achieve a more cyber secure organization. The SANS Securing the Human program works to change user behavior through a series of short 3-5 minute training tutorials that will educate your users on how to improve their cyber security posture.

The Center for Internet Security and SANS have a partnership agreement, which will offer aggregate purchasing opportunities for all Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis (MS-ISAC) members as well as other state, local, tribal and territorial governments, nonprofit entities and public education institutions during 2015. This opportunity allows these organizations the ability to purchase this important end user training tools at an incredibly discounted price.

"Social engineering, which targets people rather than machines and relies on clever -- and sometimes clumsy -- deceptions to be successful. 'The use of social tactics like phishing increases by a factor of three for larger enterprises and governments,' said Baker. 'It's impossible to eliminate all human error or weaknesses from an organization, but vigilance and education across the employee population help to control and contain such schemes.'"

-- "Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report," Verizon's RISK (Research Intelligence Solutions Knowledge) Team

How to purchase
  • The next deep-discount purchasing window is scheduled from 6/1/15 through 7/31/15
  • Window Discount Price:
    • $2,280 minimum order for 1 year of training for up to 1,200 users, $1.90 per user after that
      $3,960 minimum order for 2 years of training for up to 1,200 users, $3.30 per user after that
  • Outside the buy window pricing is available, please contact us with questions
  • Support materials (electronic newsletters, posters, and screensavers) provide further reinforcement and are available for $3,500 when purchasing Securing the Human (35% discount)
  • If you are interested in bundling this purchase with other SANS products, please contact us for details on what can and cannot be bundled.
  • To request a free demo of STH, please visit:
  • When you are ready to purchase, please visit


How to get more information


If you have any other questions about this procurement, feel free to contact Ryan Spelman at the Trusted Purchasing Alliance at 518-880-0699 or email

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